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Here are dental clinics offering health tourism in Turkey!

You can list the institutions serving in the field of dentistry and examine them in detail.

You can reach the clinic or the hospital directly, ask questions.

You can prepare your plan for treatment in Turkey step by step, you can solve arrivals, transfers, treatment process, accommodation, sightseeing and returning steps easily.

Where do I start? How do I proceed?

Use filtering

You can choose clinics serving in the cities and languages that you want.

Examine health institutions (Ask Question):

Examine institutions that meet your criteria. Ask them questions. Form opinions about them. Learn more about medical fees.

Step by step (Make Pre-plan)

Start a plan with the health institution that you choose or all the health institutions that fit your choice. There is no financial responsibility for preparing this plan. This plan is a draft and you can cancel it at any time. This plan will be as guide that will provide this service for you and for the institution / institutions.

With this you can plan;

- Duration and costs of therapy
- Arrival transactions (if available with your companion)
- Transfer transactions
- Stay
- Trip plans
- Your return home.


After completing each step with the PRE-PLANNING PROCESS, give your approval and the process starts.

We wish you a healthy life.

Thank you for choosing Turkey.